organic electronic music

about centerpole

Centerpole is a music projetc based in Switzeland.  It's all about the possibilities of expression in the electronic and acoustic music. Centerpole is about transforming creative thoughts into electronic music. The produced music is a mix of an appealing, relaxing groovy sound.

Enjoy centerpole sounds

Centerpole is always interested in collaborative projects. We look for talented people which want to join our projects. We are seeking for people in the following categories:

When you like to sing, then do it with us. You can join our projects on various ways: either we provide a track and you add your voice with your own lyrics to it, or you have an idea, what you would like to sing, and we try to provide you with an own groovy version of your favourite song, to which you will add your voice.

If you have written a song and you look for the right sound for it, then we can do it. Show us your ideas, we add our experience, and we will produce a new track together with you!

When you are an already established band, and you want to move softly in the electronic direction, than let us know. Tell us about your ideas (for instance a remix of one of your favourite songs) and we help you in producing it.

Other producers 
If you are like us producers, then contact us. We are happy to share our ideas with you, or to learn from your ideas, or even to produce a new track together with you.